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Modern security systems

Pedestrian inspection

Monitors for the pedestrian control PM5000A are installed:

  • on facilities that use or produce radioactive materials;
  • at customs control points and at border crossing points;
  • in organizations and institutions to prevent illegal penetration of radiation sources in their territory.

PM5000A monitors used to control luggage are widely used at airports, at the post office for shipment control, in banking institutions for money control and in a number of other places. All models of monitors RP5000A are built using a universal multipurpose detection block of gamma and neutron radiation. They can be mounted on the floor, suspended on the walls. The monitors are designed to work in adverse climatic conditions, so they can be used both inside and outside the premises.

Depending on the requirements and purpose, monitors for pedestrian and luggage control may be single and double-sided, and have different height of the control zone.



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