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Modern security systems

Stationary radiation monitors

Radiation monitors –  are very sensitive stationary systems, designed to provide control and prevent illegal displacement of nuclear and radioactive materials across the boundaries of protected areas. Radiometric gates are used to control road and rail transport, pedestrians and loads.

POLIMASTER radiation monitors ststems are widely used for the control of border crossings, customs, airports and nuclear power plants. They are used in mining industry companies, metallurgical plants and waste utilization.

Radiometric gates РМ5000А in many of their parameters are among the best in the world. They meet modern international and national requirements, including the requirements of ASTM (USA), GOST (Russia) and ITRAP (IAEA) programs. Monitor systems are equipped with gamma and neutron detectors. They have the ability to exchange data with a computer and connect with the services responsible for radiation control.

A characteristic feature of Polimaster monitors is the modular principle of system construction. The monitor consists of independent, universal, basic blocks of gamma detection and neutron radiation. The modular construction principle makes it possible to configure monitors depending on the customer's requirements, the size of the zone being controlled and the sensitivity. From small monitors to pedestrian control to very large rail systems.

All monitors can be combined into one network controlled from a remote control point or command center. Network integration makes it easier and faster to solve the following tasks:

  • Increasing the efficiency of customs and border services in the field of radiation control at the border;
  • Real-time transmission of information on the state of radiation and early warning of the possibility of radial pollution or a terrorist attack;
  • Creating automatic reports on the effectiveness of control over the movement of nuclear and radioactive materials;
  • Remote diagnostics of monitors' status and control of their work.


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