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Contraband detector

Detektor przemytu PM2030

РМ2030 is designed to detect objects hidden behind compartments or inside enclosed spaces. Detection of objects takes place by registering gamma radiation reflected from the controlled object. The radiation source is built into the container - the collimator of the device.

РМ2030 can be used by the Customs Service, the Police, the Border Guard and other special services as a "contraband detector", to detect objects hidden inside vehicles, containers and other inaccessible objects.

The device is equipped with a gamma radiation source 133Ba, with activity from 350 to 380 kBq, located inside the device in a lead container - a collimator that provides protection against gamma radiation in the "CLOSED" position and limits its radiation zone in the "OPEN" position. The position is adjusted using the lever in the device holder.

- searching for inhomogeneity of the tested material
- determination of the density of the tested material, including the type of metal (gold, silver, molybdenum, etc.)
- searching for sources of gamma radiation
- creating a library of controlled objects
- communication with a PC via USB or with a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0

РМ2030 meets the requirements of ANSI 4032 and IAEA requirements

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