MXTech Sp. z o.o.

Modern security systems

Tailor-made software

An important part of the system is the software that we have developed. Mobility Client is responsible for displaying user-friendly data from operations. It has all the necessary functions for effective operation management:

  • It offers synchronization with other pTRACK sets, which is important, for example, for operations with the scope of various IRS departments
  • It makes data available from anywhere in the world with different levels of access
  • It has available diagnostics of individual connected modules
  • It supports various types of map data, including 3D display
  • Allows integration with other position data sources

Server customization

Hosted by you:

You have full control over your data and server security, this guarantees the independence of the entire system. The pTRACK system is ready to integrate with your internal systems that you already use, so you can use applications you are used to, to control operations and display data.

Hosted by us:

If you want, you can rent a place on our fully secured server. This will allow you to easily focus on what you need and leave the infrastructure to us.

We are partners: Hilltech            

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