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The EINSA High Loader Container/Palette Model TET-16 has been designed for loading/unloading the lower deck holdings of all wide body fuselages and the main decks of all conventional aircraft currently in service. It has a lifting capacity of 7,300 kg. The High Loader TET-16 has an open deck, which enables handling oversize loads. In the standard configuration, the High Loader moves pallets up to a size of 96 "x125". In the case of handling LD1 / LD3 containers in the A320 / A319, where the approach path is restrictive, the TET-16 driver's seat is automatically shifted from the side to the load platform and transformed into a narrow container loader. This ensures visibility in its entire width, and also increases the safety of alignment operations at the door sill.

The EINSA High Loader specification for the TET-16 model can be found in the data sheet.

Product brochure: Wodniarka EINSA CAPA-2

Cargo high loader EINSA TET-16

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